Thomas Latch
Thomas Main
Biographical Information
Born November 10,1992
Turned Is human
Status Alive
Occupation Supernatural Researcher
Species Human
Gender Male
Family and Friends
Family Members Unknown
Relationships Unknown
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Supernatural Information
Significant Kills Unknown
Significant Spells Unknown
Significant Sires Unknown
Cause of Death Unknown
Killed By Unknown
Potrayer Matt Dallas
First Seen Unknown
Last Seen Unknown

Thomas Latch is a main character on the series 'The Vampire Diaries' .


Early Life

Mainly he started diving into it when he discovered his blood cousins were the original vampires. After being shunned by his family and friends thinking he is insane, he seeks out his true blood family, the mikaelsons. But beneath his geeky interests of the supernatural, he is an extremely powerful and dangerous human being and although he isn't a hunter, its rumored he has killed at least 2 vampires on his time and a pack of werewolves in self defense. 

Arc 2

Season 1(Season 5)

Physical Appearance

He is described as being around 5'8, has an average build, brown hair, green eyes, white caucasian in his early 20's. He is clean and clean shaven and doesnt incorporate certain hair styles. Usual set of clothes involve any clothing that is only long sleeved shirts and he wears pants except for athletic pants, and doesnt wear short sleeved/no sleeved bottoms. He doesnt wear any makeup, piercings or jewerly either.


words to describe him would be extremely handsome, outgoing, charming, mysterious, sexy, intelligent, tough, geeky, charismatic, likes to have fun, fearless, disturbing, hot headed knows virtually every kind of martial arts and is able to do hand to hand combat, jumps, flips and is very agile, he also uses any object as a weapon making him even more dangerous. he isnt a jerk and doesnt exactly do jerk like things, some are considered jerkish to everyone, some are jerkish just to  him. his metabolism allows him to eat any food, drink any drink and still smoke without gaining weight.