Stefan Salvatore
Stefan Main
Biographical Information
Born November 5,1846(age 17/165)
Turned By Katherine Pierce in 1864
Status Undead
Occupation Unknown
Species Vampire (Nklaus' Bloodline)
Gender Male
Family and Friends
Family Members The Family Members:
  • Giuseppe Salvatore † (Father)
  • Unnamed Mother †
  • Damon Salvatore (Older Brother)
  • Unnamed Paternal Half-Brother †
  • Zachariah Salvatore † (Paternal Half-Nephew)
  • Joseph Salvatore † (Distant Paternal Half-Nephew)
  • Zach Salvatore † (Distant Paternal Half-Nephew)
Relationships Unknown
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Supernatural Information
Significant Kills Kills:
  • Giuseppe Salvatore
  • Thomas Fell
  • Honoria Fell
  • Marianna Lockwood
  • Vicki Donovan (as a vampire)
  • Noah
  • Ben McKittrick
  • Bethanne
  • Frederick
  • Brady
  • Jonas Martin
  • Andie Star
  • Ray Sutton
  • Dana
Significant Spells N/A
Significant Sires Several People
Cause of Death Gunshot wound to chest (as human)
Killed By Giuseppe Salvatore (as human)
Potrayer Paul Wesley
First Seen Pilot (Arc 1)
Last Seen 4x23 (Arc 1)

Stefan Salvatore is a reccuring character on the series 'The Vampire Diaries '


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