Sophia Zariah Mikaelson
Biographical Information
Born 10th century
Turned 10th century
Status Undead
Occupation Three Jobs:
  • Historian
  • Writer
  • Fashion Designer
Species Original Vampire
Gender Female
Family and Friends
Family Members The Family Members
  • Niklaus Mikaelson(Maternal Half-Brother)
  • Rebekah Mikaelson (Maternal Half-Sister)
  • Elijah Mikaelson(Maternal Half-Brother)
Relationships Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Supernatural Information
Significant Kills Unknown
Significant Spells Unknown
Significant Sires
Cause of Death Unknown
Killed By Unknown
Potrayer Shay Mitchell
First Seen Unknown
Last Seen Unknown

Sophia Mikaelson is a main character on the series 'The Vampire Diaries '.


Early Life

Arc 2

Season 1(Season 5)

Physical Appearance

Described as having a butterscoth skin tone with long, straight, black hair, beautiful brown eyes, and narrow face. Have high cheekbones. Has a slim body, slender hips, and long legs. She perfers to wear cute and dressy tops, skinny jeans, short skirts, beautiful and elegant dresses, stilettos, and boots. She enjoys wearing beautiful and elegant dresses.



Described as reclusive, quiet, insecure but kind-hearted, compassionate and caring towards others.


Described as intelligent and knowelegable person. She is very creative when it comes to art and ideas. Also have a mysterious side to her. Quiet, kind-hearted, compassionate and caring towards her family and friends. Developed into a very mature woman. She also loves shopping. Loyal to her friends and family. Can also be stubborn when it comes out to helping someone. Independent and smart. If a task needs doing, she'll find a way to accomplish it.

Powers and Abilities