Bonnie Bennett
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Biographical Information
Born 1992
Turned (is a witch)
Status Alive
Occupation Unknown
Species Witch
Gender Female
Family and Friends
Family Members The Family Members:
  • Qetsiyah † (Maternal Ancestor)
  • The Witch of The Five † (Maternal Ancestor)
  • Ayana † (Maternal Ancestor)
  • Emily Bennett † (Maternal Ancestor)
  • Sheila Bennett † (Maternal Grandmother)
  • Abby Bennett Wilson (Mother)
  • Pauline † (Maternal Ancestor)
  • Joanna (Maternal Aunt)
  • Rudy Hopkins (Father)
  • Jamie (Adoptive Maternal Brother)
  • Lucy (Maternal Cousin)
Relationships Unknown
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Supernatural Information
Significant Kills Kills:
  • Jeremy Gilbert (3rd time)
  • Jeremy Gilbert (5th time)
Significant Spells Spells:
  • Transferring of John Gilbert's life force to Elena Gilbert's.
  • Resurrection of Jeremy Gilbert.
  • Breaking the seal to opening Esther's coffin.
  • Desiccation of Klaus.
  • Transferring of Klaus's soul to Tyler's body.
  • Dying to try and bring Elena back to her.
  • Transferring Klaus's soul to his body again.
  • Trapping Klaus in the Gilbert house living room.
Significant Sires No sires.
Cause of Death Never died.
Killed By Never been killed.
Potrayer Kat Graham
First Seen Pilot (Arc 1)
Last Seen 4x23(Arc 1)

Bonnie Bennett is a main character on the series 'The Vampire Diaries '. 


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